“You’re fucking me without a condom?”


“Do you know how many dicks have been inside of me since you last fucked me?”

“No. Nor do I care.”

“77. 77 individual dicks have fucked my pussy since you last came in me.”

“Don’t care.”


“You fucking know why.”

“Fuck you, I wanna hear you say it.”

“What? That I can’t live another day without your cunt? That your pussy haunts me and puts to shame all other pussies that have come after you? You want to hear how I long to cum inside of you? How I fucking NEED to CUM INSIDE OF YOU?”

“Goddamn. Yes!”

“Because I won’t.” I pull out of her dripping wet pussy and crawl up her body, my knees on either side of her head. “Not until you suck the taste of your pussy off my motherfucking dick.”

She had me in her mouth before I finished the sentence.


There is a certain joy that comes in fucking your ex-wife bare-back on the floor of her house, steps inside of her front door. Her dress was still on. Hell, even her panties were still on. They were just merely pulled to the side as I dropped my trousers and made a direct stab inside of her soaking hole.

I knew her pussy was going to be drenched in lust. And not just because her pussy is always wet. The wettest. She brushed past me to shut the door, I let me hand glide up her thigh and then her skirt. She leaned both arms against the front door and even spread her legs. That’s when I felt her panties. That’s when I stroked the wet spot that had soaked through. That’s when I threw her on the floor, dropped my pants and immediately began fucking her.

We knew we’d be fucking the moment we saw each other accidentally at lunch. She had a low-cut top on, of course, showing off her DDD chest. A glimpse at her breasts was always the only trigger I needed.

I’m not sure what the trigger was for her, but honestly Astrid never needed a trigger. She was always ready to fuck.

So I’m squatting above her face and she’s sucking at my cock with a ferocity, moaning and groaning as she consumers the layer of her slick pussy off of my stiff rock. I can tell by the way that she’s sucking me that she loves this. She embraces her own taste and looks forward to that moment when that flavor is replaces with another and her mouth is awash with my fresh hot cum.

We’ve fought this battles hundreds of times before. To cum in her mouth? Or to cum in her pussy?

Our cocktail was delicious either way you sliced it, but Astrid certainly had her favorite delivery method. She preferred to taste her pussy from my staff and then drink my cum directly from my tip. I preferred cumming inside of her, then eating her pussy deeply, ravishing our creamy fuck pie.

Whichever path we took, it would end in a mouth kiss that we’d both enjoy.

And the path that Astrid is trying to take is definitely the direct shot to the mouth. She almost succeeds too. Fuck, how could I forget what a brilliant cocksucker she was? I almost let her finish me too, but no. I need to release inside of her.


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